A successful outcome begins with effective selection

Resolute Capital Partners is a private investment firm committed to realizing the long-term success of our portfolio companies through patient capital, operational expertise, and our deep network of industry experts. We typically invest $5-$40 million in the form of subordinated debt and equity to support later-stage growth, management buyouts, strategic acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations.

Our Criteria

Strong Leadership Teams

Strong Leadership Teams

  • Management with a proven track record and meaningful ownership stake
  • Supporting cast of industry experts serving in advisory roles
  • Sponsors with sector knowledge and relationships
Lower Middle Market

Lower-Middle Market

  • Revenue of $5-$150 million
  • EBITDA of $1-$10 million
  • Located and operating in the United States
Solid Fundamentals

Solid Fundamentals

  • Appropriate capital structure for the company’s risk profile
  • Defensible position in the market
  • Sustainable cash flow with outlook for growth
  • Diversified customer base and revenue stream
  • Growth minded with desire to provide additional capital

How can our team help you grow?